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Notes from GAO – Challenges in Federal Use of Web 2.0 Technologies

At NAPA Collaboration Project event focused on GAO Report – Challenges in Federal Use of Web 2.0 Technologies

Short, easy report – it’s testimony, not a full report
-have another ongoing review that is broader

Requested by Chaiman Clay, House Subcommittee on Information Policy, Census, and National Archives

-Identify current uses of web 2.0 technologies

-Identify key challenges associated with use
-July 22, 2010

Endorsed by Obama

22/23 of 24 major agencies have a presence….NRC didn’t
Web 2.0 tech used:
-social networking sites
Privacy and Security Challenges
-Determining how Privacy Act applies
-Ensuring agencies limit collection and use of personal information
-Extending privacy protections to collection and use of personal information by third parties
-Safeguarding personal information
-Training personnel on proper use of social networking tools
Records Management and FOIA Challenges
-Determining requirements for prserving Web 2.0 information as federal records
-Establishing mechanisms for preserving Web 2.0 information as records
-Ensuring proper adherence to FOIA
Federal Agencies Have Acted to Address Web 2.0 Issues
-NARA issued guidance, plans additional guidance
-GSA negotiated terms of service agreements
-OMB issued Web 2.0 related guidance
-Applicability of Paperwork Reduction Act
-Privacy policies
?s on the Hill
-Records management is big question/issue
-Lots of interest on how can use technology but with eyes wide open

-Found that most of social media channels are duplicates of what already exist elsewhere…so not needed to duplicate

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