Welcome to GovLoop – The Who and Why

Welcome to GovLoop, the premier online community for government employees.

Who Am I? My name is Steve Ressler. I’ve been in the U.S. federal government for 5 years where I am an IT Program Manager. I still work a 9 to 5 and this is my 5 to 9 so to say. If you want more background on me, check out my personal website and the organization I co-founded Young Government Leaders about 5 years ago (there are new rockstars that run it now)

Why? I created this online network as a way to connect government employees. Personally, I have founded and participated in many government associations (Young Government Leaders, ACT/IAC, Partnership for Public Service, NAPA, Federal Managers Association, etc) and I have found them very rewarding. Additionally, I have searched and utilized the government websites, good government sites, and professional groups.

I wanted an online forum to connect all my various groups and to connect with government employees across agencies. I wanted an informal place where people could gather, share their ideas, and ask other questions. A place that could serve as a repository for both current and future government employees as they start and grow in their career.

As thus, GovLoop is born. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know how we can take it to the next level.

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Judith Yaworsky

Steve, congratulations on taking the initiative to create GovLoop. On second thought, when I signed in, perhaps I should identified you as my favorite government employee instead of Barack Obama!

Kathleen Smith

Thanks for starting this. I know it takes alot of work to start something like this and maintain it! great job!

Mark E. Reavis

Steve – Great job! We really need a social/business networking tool in the Federal Government. This is a fantastic site!

David Crozier

Excellent work Steve. I am interested in what technology you used for getting the site up and running and we at Lagan Technologies are looking at setting up a similar community for our users.

Charles Rauleigh Cooper Eddolls

Hi Steve, I only joined today but I think your site is fascinating and look forward to using it.

Many thanks Charles