Public Speaking

Are you already nervous? Don’t worry – this is a post about public speaking, you don’t have to talk. Public speaking is one of those skills you just have to practice until you get better.

The little known trick to public speaking is 90% of speakers are really bad. You can worry yourself sick about how to be as good as Colin Powell but your concern really should be just to be decent.

Here are my five tips on public speaking:
1) Talk slow. Everybody says it but its true. Take your time. Use pauses.
2) Keep it simple. Nobody wants a complex argument. Tell them what you are going to say, say it, and tell them what you told them.
3) Keep it short. Nobody likes the speaker that goes over the allotted time. Trust me – you’re probably not that interesting.
4) Umm…like…omg. Public speakers often use umm, uhh, or like to connect thoughts. Don’t do it. Go ahead and use a pause. Trust me…you’ll sound smarter
5) Don’t be a stiff. Try to move around a little. Maybe move your hands. Vary your tone of voice. Don’t go all crazy on me but keep me a little entertained.

That’s it. My top 5 tips for public speaking. Follow my top 5 and you’ll be better than most. And practice makes perfect. Volunteer to talk at a big meeting, speak at a conference, talk at career fairs, whatever it takes.

Any seasoned speakers out there? Maybe you can comment and give some more tips. Or join us in the forums…

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