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What Are You Going to Stop Doing in 2012?

Looking forward to the New Year is often about mammoth resolutions: I am going to l.o.s.e 15 lbs! Quit smoking! Spend 10 hours a week more with family! These grand plans can be positive if you have incredible will power, follow through, and a personal project management system. But what about all the little things you can do that will improve your life by simply eliminating them? I am working on my own list of things I really need to stop doing (I even wrote a similar post about this last night – 5 things I need to stop doing to myself). What are the things you want to stop doing in 2012 to improve the quality of your life?

Here’s an interesting article from the Harvard Business Review that lists 5:

1. Responding like a trained monkey

2. Mindless traditions

3. Reading annoying things

4. Work that’s not worth it

5. Making things more complicated than they should be

What are yours?

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Profile Photo Megan Dotson

I like number 5 – Making things more complicated than they should be. I feel as though most of my “to stop” issues relate to that the best. Like, learn how to say no, stop being on projects that are outside of my realm, volunteering for things I don’t have time to do, etc…

Profile Photo Terrence Hill

I plan to stop:

  • Going to the office so often – telework more.
  • Attending so many meetings in person – use the web more to engage.
  • Wearing a tie, unless I’m meeting with the President.
  • Wasting so much time on Facebook.
  • Using paper cups at Starbucks that just go into landfills.
  • Using bottled water for the same reason.
  • Making lists of things to do. Just do them instead.