What Type of Online Sharer Are You?

The New York Times Insight Group recently came out with this really fascinating research on the Psychology of Sharing.

Lots of super interesting stuff here, but one section that really interested me are these 6 personas of sharers:

The New York Times study found there are six sharing personas for online fans. Understanding these different types can help you better tap into their motivations, and get your content shared more, if that is your aim.

6 Personas:

  1. Altruists—Altruists share content out of a desire to be helpful and aspire to be seen as a reliable source of information. Preferred tools: Facebook and email.
  2. Careerists—Careerists are well-educated and seek to gain a reputation for bringing value to their networks. They prefer content that is more serious and professional in tone. Preferred tools: LinkedIn and email.
  3. Hipsters—Hipsters are younger sharers who have always lived in the “information age.” They use Twitter and Facebook to share cutting-edge and creative content. They share content to build their online identity. Preferred tools: Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Boomerangs—Boomerangs seek validation and thrive on the reaction of others to their content, even when it’s negative responses. Preferred tools: Facebook, email, Twitter and blogs, wherever people will engage them.
  5. Connectors—Connectors see content sharing as a means of staying connected to others and making plans. They are more relaxed in their sharing patterns. Preferred tools: Facebook and email.
  6. Selectives—Selectives are more thoughtful in what they share and with whom they share it. They personalize their sharing and expect responses to their content. Preferred tool: email.

Do you agree with this list? Would you add a 7th category? What type of sharer are you?

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