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What would Don Draper Do with Big Data? HP’s Digital Marketing Hub

On one of my favorite shows, Mad Men, the executives of a 1960s advertising firm spend hours trying to get into the mind of their clients’ customers to come up with the perfect pitch. Just imagine what Don, Peggy, and Megan could have done with big data.

Of course, data alone is not enough for a strategy. Marketing and advertising has gotten even more complex since the golden age of Madison Avenue. Internet, cable, satellite radio, and smartphones provide new vehicles for marketing while also offering escapes from traditional advertisements. What if the human creativity of the characters of Mad Men could be combined with the technology of today’s reality? HP has taken on this challenge to tackle the mystifying world of digital marketing.

HP recently announced the creation of The HP Digital Marketing Hub, a service that can analyze multiple sources of marketing data to help agencies better understand their customers, according to PCWorld.

The Digital Marketing Hub uses HAVEn (Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, enterprise security, number of platforms), an analytics platform tailored to operate with big data. HP integrates various data sources with existing in-house marketing technologies to coordinate an analysis that can be directly applied to a marketing strategy.

The analysis possible with the Digital Marketing Hub provides context to unstructured data. For example, the technology includes algorithms developed by HP that can break down micro-preferences within already specialized groups of customers. If a company identified a group of clients interested in tablets, the technology could find a “micro-segment” within that group that tends to focus on environmental issues. The agency could then tailor a strategy to that micro-segment that reflects both interests, such as “green” technology in tablets.

In its current form, the Digital Marketing Hub is optimized to run on the cloud in order to utilize cloud data storage.

This example from HP demonstrates the innovation that can be produced by an agency that combines the power of emerging technologies such as cloud, analytics, and big data. HP leveraged these technologies to revolutionize marketing in a way that even Don Draper would find impressive. What other fields could HP transform with this technology? What could your agency accomplish?

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