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Where’s the Mobility? In the Cloud

We’re live! Today, GovLoop is hosting its Government Innovators Virtual Tech Day, an all-day, virtual event with four different online trainings, networking opportunities and resources to help government employees do their job better. You can still register here and be sure to read the other recaps here.

Our world is changing, that’s no surprise. We can do anything and everything from the comfort of our couches, thanks to technology. Private corporations, large and small, are all going digital. Communications and information are being streamlined into digital platforms.

For government, though, security issues, budget cuts and staffing problems are hindering the public sector’s digital transformation. To increase citizen engagement and offer the best services possible, agencies need to prepare for the digital future of government. By fully using cloud and mobility services, organizations can plan for the next phase of government operations and take advantage of all that technology has to offer.

At GovLoop’s Government Innovators Virtual Tech Day, Phil Bertolini, Chief Information Officer and Deputy County Executive in Oakland County, Michigan and David Smith, Director of State and Local Government Sales at Citrix Public Sector, shared useful insights on the importance of a digital government and steps to help your agency get to where it needs to be.

So why should government even care about going digital?

It’s cost effective. So much of government IT is tied to legacy systems of the past, and the cost for maintaining such systems can be large and hard to manage. As Bertolini noted, with government restrictions and budget cuts it seems that agencies are having to do less with less (money). However, taking advantage of increased mobility at your agency allows for time and money savings. A mobile strategy would allow employees to work remotely and get out of the office more and continue working on the road. There’s also the benefit of sharing technology. Bertolini provides the example of how effective he has found government-to-government cloud sharing technology to be. Going digital may seem like an expensive transition at first, but it’s really a cost-saving investment, especially if your agency employs Bertolini’s tactic of working with procurement and legal teams address any barriers to sharing technology.

It provides flexibility and mobility. As so many employees are now invested in a better work-life balance, more mobility at your organization is a great tool to implement for remote work flexibility. By engaging mobile applications and web pages that are fit to be accessed from any device, employees can just as easily work from home or in the office. Another strategy Smith encouraged is implementing a BYOD, or bring your own device, policy at your agency. In doing so, employees feel less attached to their work computer and empowered to work from anywhere on any device. More engaged, satisfied employees bolster agency culture.

It fosters citizen engagement. By using cloud systems to store and analyze data, agencies can make better use of the tools they have and understand what it is that citizens are looking for from their organization. More than that, though, a digital transformation allows for better, simpler communication between citizens and agencies. Providing a mobile-friendly website and social media platforms for constituents to engage with their government, big or small, is crucial.

When embracing digital platforms, consider investing in cloud services (remember, sharing these helps with cost), use a design scheme that works across multiple platforms and focus on bringing the user to your information.

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