White House to Host Dialogue Solutions for Recovery.gov

I got this email yesterday and I’m excited to see how this turns out. Definitely a good idea and I like the fact it is time-limited. What do you think?

For one week beginning on Monday, April 27th, we will be hosting the
Recovery.Gov Dialogue on Information Technology Solutions and we would
like to invite you and your members to participate. This online
dialogue will be reaching out to the public, state and local partners,
potential recipients and solution providers around the question:

What ideas, tools, and approaches can make Recovery.gov a place where
the public can monitor the expenditure and use of recovery funds?

The IT Dialogue, which will run from April 27th to May 3rd, is a
unique opportunity to directly influence how Recovery.gov is built and

When Congress passed and the President signed the American Recovery
and Reinvestment Act in February, it created a website, Recovery.gov,
to openly show the public how, when and where recovery funds are spent
to ensure our economic recovery is the most transparent and
accountable in history. The results of the dialogue will be reviewed
for the most innovative suggestions around making Recovery.gov a more
effective portal for transparency.

The dialogue is being hosted by the National Academy of Public
Administration, a congressionally chartered, non-profit, non-partisan,
good government organization that helps tackle government’s toughest
management problems.

Participation from the blogging community is critical to the success
of this initiative. We would like to ask you to participate and to do
the following to help spread the word about the IT Dialogue:

Blog on the IT Dialogue. We have created a one-page summary of the IT
Dialogue for your ease of use. [BELOW]

Follow us on Twitter at @natldialogue –
http://twitter.com/natldialogue – , or on the “Recovery Dialogue: IT
Solutions” Facebook group –
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81694037326 – to receive event
reminders and updates.

Post the following message in your own Twitter feed:

White House Recovery Dialogue on IT Solutions starts April 27! Learn
more @ www.Recovery.gov, follow @natldialogue, pls RT

Block out 2-3 hours between April 27th and May 3rd to visit
www.recovery.gov, log in and participate in the Dialogue.

If you have additional questions about the IT Dialogue, or if you have
recommendations for other groups who should be contacted, please email
[email protected] or call 202-204-3633.

Thank you in advance for joining the discussion and sharing your
innovative ideas.

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Adam Arthur

I think this COULD be a very good thing. Maybe we should all submit our ideas FROM GovLoop in one neat package. Our collective concensus could be a very powerful thing. Obviously, they thought the GovLoop community was influential and intelligent enough to include in the process.

Dennis Edward Byrne

Why don’t we pick the 10 best IT folks among us and let them have at it. This group grope thing is time consuming, tedious and naive:):)

Kevin M. Schafer

Save the Auto Industry! 1/7 citizens of the United States of America has personal ties to the Automotive Industry. We have to keep it going for our ECONOMY’s sake!

Michael Potts

GovLoop seems to be a great forum for expressing ones idea and opinions to the people that make decisions. As an IT person I don’t have the time to go to each of my staff members and ask them to provide input but I can give them the vehicle (GovLoop) in which to express themselves as they see fit. I would encourage this as public input on Federal Policy has been long time coming and since it is here, we should make use of it.

Bob Boynton

They should set up ‘offices’ where the people are: facebook, twitter, friendfeed, myspace, etc. The likelihood that lots of people are going to go to that website is zero. If they want ‘the people’ to know they need to go to the people.

Colleen Ayers

I think Adam, Dennis and Michael are definitely on the right track – GovLoop should open a forum thread for people to submit ideas for a couple days, and then a small “committee” of volunteers who are IT specialists to compile a group proposal. (It’d be a great demonstration of using an interactive site to develop solutions, too!)

Daniel Bennett

Congrats to the site authors for using Plone as the content management software. This was the site uses only valid XHTML and is Section 508 compliant.

Perhaps since there is only a week, lets just post our own ideas, but include a Govloop.com call out (add the link to the idea: https://www.govloop.com/ ) and we can see/search for ideas from us.

Adrian Walker

OK, here’s some new IT technology for recovery.gov. It’s a free Wiki for writing knowledge in executable English. What’s that? It’s English that nontechnical folks can read, and that also works as a social-networked program. You and your friends can use your own words and phrases to write your knowledge into browsers, run it, and get English explanations of the results. Here’s a short presentation:
http://www.reengineeringllc.com/EnergyIndependence1Video.htm (Flash video with audio)
The Wiki is online at the same site. Enjoy, and thanks for comments.

Kathleen Smith

Yes, Vivek spoke about this on Saturday monring at NVTC. While I hear some of the comments about this being group grope or alot of passionate talking, we need this to be a community effort. That is reaching outside this community and inviting/tutoring someone- be it a colleague, co-worker, boss, or friend – to participate in this. Sort of a Gov 2.0 mentorship program – and it is only one week! We need to be leaders and inspire & tutor others to be able to use these tools and leverage them in their own spaces. But also remember that each person has their own collaboration/communication tool of choice. This may or may not be it for everyone. We all want democracy and this is democracy in action. Help a friend to participate in the democratic/techno revolution.

Adrian Walker

As mentioned, there’s some new IT technology for recovery.gov. It’s a free Wiki for writing knowledge in executable English. Here’s a little study showing how many dollars it costs to create a new job in programs such as Airports, Energy, and so on. (Just for the state of Arkansas for now.)


You can run this to see the numbers, by pointing a browser to the same site and selecting Stimulus_Arkansas. Then, you can get English explanations of the results.