Who Are Your Peers?

Who Are Your Peers?

GovLoop is all about connecting the government community. Federal, state, local Govies. Public policy students/profs. Good contractors and good government non-profits.

So I think of those in government as my peers. But I wonder what others do.

Who do you think our your peers? Government folks in your agency?

Gov’t types by discipline (the other Gov HR folks)? A broader swarm of folks – for example, the IT Security field generally.

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Andrew Wilson

Would suggest that I can consider peers to be people with a similar outlook as myself and would not limit it to those in government. One of my fundamental beliefs is that if that government considers itself as distinct and separate from other elements of society then we are limiting our ability to engage the public and serve it to the best of our abilities.


That’s a good point.

I know research has shown that newer generations move across industries much more often than before. So the person who works as a gov’t worker for 40 years in same agency – that is changing.

To me that makes sense from what I’ve seen. Many of my Gen X, Gen Y peers from gov’t I’ve seen move around a lot – contractor to govie, vice-versa. Govie to start-ups. Non-profit to govy and vice-versa.