The New New GovLoop….

I’m jazzed to announce “the new new govloop”….

We’ve been spending the last few months working behind on the scenes on a number of items designed to be make govloop more useful to you, the community.

1 – Homepage redesign – As you see, we’ve streamlined the home page to make it much cleaner and simple. Lots more white and black. Plus you’ll see we’ve spent extra time featuring the top content while all the content is still streamed at the bottom.

Plus, you’ll see we added a number of new features like Twitter integration, a new Gov 2.0 personality quiz, and more.

2 – Topics pages – When people join GovLoop, often they are looking to engage in specific topic areas primarily – Acquisition, Government 2.0, Cloud Computing. We have now launched topic pages that bring people quickly to those discussions and are a quick place to go to get the info on the topics they need.

3 – Partners – As you’ll see, the topics pages are “presented by” our key partners for 2010. I’ve always said – “no dancing baby banner ads” on GovLoop. As mentioned in my 2010 vision I blogged about in December….For 2010, we are working with a limited number of key partners in ways that add value to the community from topic pages to premier Dr. GovLoop-approved GovLoop groups like “Management Concepts Alumni“, “Microsoft Productivity for Government“, and “Google for Government“. Besides providing a way for Andy K’s baby to eat, these great partners really respect our community and allows us to invest in creating even more great resources/community on GovLoop.

4- GovLoop Rocks It Out
– People love us (the collective we)! We are super excited that
GovLoop hit 25,000 members this month. If we were all in the same
room, we could have the best Thriller YouTube rendition ever.

The GovLoop community will be featured in two upcoming new books – Macrowikinomics and Young World Rising – How Youth, Tech, and Entrepreneurship are Changing the World. Plus GovLoop won a sweet government award that we are required to be quiet about for another couple weeks. It’s awesome…

We got a ton more on our plate that will be announcing shortly including our new mobile app, awesome advisory board, and more.

As always, we got some more awesomeness up our sleeves and always want to hear your ideas.

To more awesomeness…

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Joey Seich

That’s great! I noticed the new homepage design and love it…it’s much cleaner and a definite improvement. Keep up the great work!

Rob Ahern

Ditto to Joey’s comments- the site looks great and I really appreciate the hard work you’ve put into it. Here’s to 25,000 more in the coming months….

Amanda Blount

First – AWESOME! Second – Yes to the dancing babies comment and no dancing cowboys! Third – I think if you ever have a GOVLOOP meeting, you should have a fun night and tape Govloop folks doing thriller- NOW THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! I’m IN!

Jaimey Walking Bear

Really dig the new design. I think the new treatment of modules on the site make it easy to hone in on specific areas of interest – topics, stories, etc.

Good show!

Jay S. Daughtry, ChatterBachs

The partner approach makes a lot of sense. Congratulations on getting featured in the books; I’ll want to see excerpts when they come out. In the “maybe it’s just me” category, on the home page it seems like there’s too much white, I’m finding that my eyes are having a hard time knowing where to focus. I also miss seeing what the latest Forum discussions are with the author, number of replies, and latest response. I have a tendency to vet on some of these factors and now I’m not sure I want to click on any… maybe I’ll just focus on the featured discussions, but then it seems like a lot of the others may just get neglected.

Brendan O'Connor

Thanks for the update, will be excited to watch and look for ways to engage.

Not sure if others are having errors with the homepage, but here, stuck on IE 6.0 at the State Dept., it looks pretty messed up. I’m uploading a file with the screenshot of what it looks like, if that comes out.


Ari Herzog

It looks a little weird running Firefox 3.5.8 on a Mac with resolution 1920×1080. In particular, as I type this reply I see a very wide left/right margin compared to the inside content; and the above nav bar of “all blog posts,” “my blog,” are in light grey on light green making it hard to read.

The rest looks great!

Sonnie Sussillo

I like the new design; it’s obvious a lot of thought and work went into it. One plea, though — please use darker print that the light green — some of us aren’t as young and visually acute as we used to be!

Alex Bornkessel

Congrats Steve and the GovLoop team. It’s been amazing and engaging to see how the community has grown–and continues to grow!

Ari Herzog

Suggestion to tweak the member profile signup and edit page… so I can search for people who work in specific categories, and not broadly searchable by what I hope someone types in. For instance, I’m looking for a mix of people in Massachusetts but that’s several pages when searching; if I only want to see members who are in Mass. and work for the state, I have no way of searching for that…because you don’t ask. Something to consider.

Celia Mendive

Wow, I remember when we were celebrating reaching 1,000 members! Amazing! Congrats Steve and everyone who works so hard to keep GovLoop going…