Windows XP Support Ending in 2014: Will You Be Ready?

This is the third post highlighting findings from the Quest Software report, Taking a New Approach to Application Compatibility in Windows 7 Migrations: New Solutions Ensure Application Compatibility During Operating System Upgrades. The report provides valuable insights for IT administrators. You can view my first blog post here and second here. The report provides some interesting insights about migrating and updating systems from Windows XP. The report advises that if done correctly, it may be best for organizations to both move to Windows 7 and upgrade to virtualization software.

I highly recommend taking a look through the research report. The report identifies that April 2014 will mark the end of Windows XP support. Because of ending support for XP, many organizations are beginning the process of moving to Windows 7. With the migration, there are several technical obstacles that the organization will need to overcome. The report cites that compatiability of homegrown applications is one of the challenges for IT Professionals. The report then highlights some ways to overcome compatibility issues, and ways for organizations to cut and reduce costs, and minimize risks.

The report also highlights 7 benefits of new tools available for migrating to videos 7 and available functionality. The report highlights the following 7 trends:

  1. Automated Assessment
  2. Automated Remediation
  3. Automated Assessment and Resolution of Application Compatibility Issues for Virtual Desktop and Application Environments
  4. Flexible Approaches to Virtualized Application Format Conversion
  5. Compliance with Organizational Best Practices and Business Rules
  6. Ongoing Compatibility Assurance
  7. Detailed Browser Compatibility Reporting

This was a great report to read, and I would encourage you to take a look at the report. The report has a lot of great information, and encourage you to take a read.

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Corey McCarren

Do you think any agencies will move to Windows 8 from XP when it’s released? Rumor has it Windows 8 will be released this October.

Julie Chase

Er no, Corey, not in DoD, we have been told we are going directly to Windows 7. Come on now, DoD has to be last in technology. We got Office 2007 a few years ago….let’s us simmer in the slowness. If it going to be released in October (fiscal year) then for sure we won’t get it until at least FY 2017.