YOU Make GovLoop Awesome – Leadership Opportunities

You know the story – a young, idealistic Department of Homeland Security employee launches a social network on a whim — as a hobby, really — in mid-2008. He invites a few of his friends to join and they come alongside him as Community Leaders. They welcome new members, write Member and Project of the week blog posts, produce weekly polls, post pics…and on and on. Within a couple years, the community grew so much that it needed a few more resources, which we are building to make it even more awesome.

But at its core, GovLoop is a movement. It’s a group of people like you who have decided to help each other by answering one another’s questions in almost real time, to share leading practice information and case studies so your peers don’t have to recreate the wheel and generally having fun while making government better. And one of the key ways that it is awesome is through volunteers.

Would You Volunteer to Be a Community Leader?

We recognize that you are busy, so we’ve kept all the leadership roles to less than an hour per week. Here are a few of the fun ways you can get involved and help your peers in the process:

  • GovGuru: Establish yourself in the community as the go-to guru in your field by picking three hot blogs/forums to include in a Daily Awesome newsletter.
  • GovGoGetter: Find great blogs, forums and groups and share / comment on them.
  • GovBlogger, How-To Do Cool Stuff: Show off your geeky bad self by posting 1-2-3, step-by-step blogs on how to do something awesome.
  • GovGreeter: Be the first person to meet the coolest new people at the party and help ’em get started.
  • GovGuides Author: Get “published” on GovLoop by assisting with the creation of incredibly helpful resources.
  • GovGraphs Designer: Create the coolest resources for govies (ever).
  • GovData Junkie: Create super useful lists and visualizations.
So what do you say? Wanna join the movement?

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