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Mobile Government and Cybersecurity: Access Denied

Last week, I had the opportunity to host GovLoop’s web-based training session entitled, “Common Mobile Challenges and How to Overcome,” which featured insight from State Department’s Gary Galloway and Microsoft’s Steve White. We’re hosting the second in the series this Thursday:

Register for Part 2: “Go Mobile, Be Secure, Improve Performance”

During last week’s training, we posed a series of poll questions. I wanted to share the results with you, offer some quick commentary and ask some more questions of you!


End users are primarily staying connected to the office via agency-issued laptops, yet they continue to struggle with access issues – usually because the agency itself is placing restrictions on them!


1 – Is this your reality?

2 – Are you forced to develop “work-arounds” in order to accomplish work from anywhere?

3 – Wouldn’t agencies be better off equipping and protecting their employees rather than restricting access?

It seems to me that one huge yet unintended consequence is that employees end up engaging in less secure activities because of the access restrictions. True?

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