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Your GovLoop Research Digest: 3 Mobile Resources

Happy Monday GovLoop- last week I gave you all a quick look at some of the research we’ve done at GovLoop. To start of this week, I wanted to get a little more focused, so let’s start off this week talking about one of my favorite topics- mobile. We can look at mobile through so many different ways, tablets, apps, BYOD, telework, mobile data, mobile analytics – the list goes on and on. The resources below will give you a broad spectrum of mobile, and hopefully help you get smart on whatever aspect of mobile you’re looking for knowledge on. A good spot to start is our Mobile Cheat Sheet and GovLoop’s Mobile Resource Page.

With that, here’s a few additional resources to kick-start your week with mobile. If you’re looking for something in particular, or just need some help feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] – will see if I can point you in the right direction and sometimes it’s just nice to talk through an issue with a third party.

GovLoop Guide: Making Mobile Matter

  • As mobile becomes the new normal for government, agencies must share resources, best practices and case studies to accelerate adoption. With the integration of additional technologies into the public sector, such as cloud computing, government is now uniquely positioned to take advantage of the mobile revolution, and modernize agencies to suit the needs of an efficient and productive workplace. This guide will explores case studies from State of Indiana, Transportation Security Administration, State of Mississippi, and industry experts. Also, be sure to also check out our Mobile Cheat Sheet.

Podcast: Does Mobility Matter? Is Implementing the Digital Government Strategy Possible? 4 CIOs Weigh In

  • Great panel from Emily Jarvis, Producer of DorobekINSIDER. I’ve copied and pasted some points from Emily’s post (thanks Emily!):
  • Mobility is one of the major cornerstones of the Digital Government Strategy. And a new poll shows that 22% of people own at least one tablet device. So clearly the move to mobile is here and here to stay. And the role of mobility is even more challenging for federal CIOs. They’re being asked to select a MDM/MAS, establish a BYOD policy (or not), make their programs ubiquitous, secure, and have the right people in the right jobs. So how do they do it? The Federal Mobile Computing Summit brought together four federal CIOs who are working on it.

Industry Perspective: The Impact of the Consumerization of IT on the Public Sector

  • How is all this technology impacting the workforce? We use our phones and tablets for so much, and these technologies have now entered the workplace – so how do agencies manage this trend? Take a look at the report as Emily tells us how.

Blogs: Finally, here are a bunch links to lead you down a rabbit hole on GovLoop, some of my favorite posts on mobile:

As always – thanks for all the hard work and innovation you are doing. Please reach out if there is there any way we can help you out at GovLoop. Simply let us know the topics, challenges and concerns, and together we’ll find some solutions.

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