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16 Communication Tips to Live By

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Want to rise up? Have a healthy, long, fulfilling career? Be a good communicator. All the brains, money, and effort isn’t enough if you can’t represent yourself well over your life.

I just read this wonderful article on the Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators of 2011 and from it distilled 16 communication tips to live by. What do you think? What else should be on the list?


1. Be consistent

2. Be energetic

3. Trumpet a direction

4. Speak from the heart

5. Know when to keep your mouth shut

6. Be multi-dimensionally creative and create unique experiences

7. Be graceful

8. Be different


9. Don’t deceive

10. Don’t NOT communicate

11. Don’t be erratic

12. Don’t not know basic stuff

13. Don’t talk with marbles in your mouth

14. Don’t be meek

15. Don’t be arrogant

16. Don’t try to please everyone

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Amalia Bozoki

They are all good, but it is sometimes hard to follow some of them. No matter how many practice, or even knowing the subject well, my nerves still overcome my confidence during public speaking and/or interview. How does one keep focused and thoughts composed to communicate effectively?

Jay Johnson

Just picture everyone in their underwear. 😉

But seriously Amalia, I’ve always been an introvert and talking to other people doesn’t come naturally to me. However, when I have to lead a meeting as part of my job, I’m some how able to ‘flip the switch’ and do what needs to be done. It’s almost like an alter ego takes over and I’m able to quiet the ‘lizard brain’ for as long as I need to. Not the most helpful advice maybe but here’s a link to some tips I read earlier this morning.


Janina Rey Echols Harrison

Humor should be included. Humor keeps audiences engaged and breaks the ice. Even an unrelated quick story can help me get started and warms the audience up.

For Amalia: Record your program and listen for ums and ahs that will distract your audience from your point. Practice with a friend or two who will provide honest feedback about your voice inflections, tempo, and how loud you need to speak. The more practice, the more confidence you’ll have. Join ToastMasters or another speaking group to get more practice and feedback on your speaking style. I was such an introvert until I decided I had to break out to make friends and later to move ahead as a professional.