Monthly Archives: July 2011

Let’s Make Sure that September 11th Isn’t Just Another Day!

GovLoopers – Join the thousands of Americans who will be volunteering to serve others during the September 11th weekend. Since this is the 10th anniversary of September 11th, we all should make a commitment to serve others. Watch this video and go to to post your 9/11 Tribute for this year, mentioning whatever good… Read more »

Code for Your Country

During WWII, a broad national effort was mounted to foster a sense of patriotic duty for the war, and part of that effort were strong visual images that communicated the need for participation. So strong, in fact that the images of Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter continue to resonate today. Those iconic wartime posters… Read more »

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Some experiments in collecting images + location from mobile devices Over the last couple of years I’ve been fascinated with technology that collects and aggregates mappable information. Specifically I have been searching for or creating tools that have these properties: Lets users discover things near them, allows submission of location, photos and text Built on… Read more »

Report from Open Source convention health track, 2011

This track was a potent mix of tech talk and policy talk, including some candid discussions of the different views taken by different actors on the meaningful use requirements in ARRA, and a look at how much government policies can change a conservative industry.

Basic Study Tips

Studying for the exam is a highly individual journey; however, here are a few basic study tips that you may want to consider: Go to today and register for the exam. Having signed up and paid your fee is the best incentive possible. Read the PMI’s Credentials Handbook to learn everything there is to… Read more »