3 Pillars of a Modern, Digital Government

Improving the way citizens interact with the federal government is no longer an option — it’s a necessity. The stakes of perpetuating the status quo of cumbersome and outdated processes are too high when you consider the critical services agencies provide.

To accelerate the government’s transition from legacy and manual processes to modern and digital ones, Congress passed the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) in December 2018. The law defined three key pillars of a modern government:

1. Modernized websites

2. Digitized government forms and services

3. Implementation of electronic signatures

We surveyed more than 130 government employees about 21st Century IDEA and their prioritization of CX. Here’s what they said when asked if CX is a priority at their agency:

  • 39% said, “Yes, it is our top priority!”
  • 24% said, “It is a priority but not the top”
  • 23% said, “Somewhat”
  • 13% said, “No”

For more, access the full infographic here.

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