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30 Thoughts on 30

Thanks everyone for the kind words

As I turn 30 today, I wanted to take a title from the wonderful ESPN 30
on 30 series. And give 30 things I
learned at 30 that I wished I would have known at 20

1 – Smile a lot and people will like you
2 – Sometimes a $7 beer is worth it at a football game
3 – A tailored suit is worth it’s price in gold
4 – Well-written emails are work’s version’s of that high-school paper
5 – It’s important to know how to suck-up well
6 – Being charismatic is a very good work skill that one should develop
7 – Follow your dreams. It will
all work out
8 – But know that certain dreams have certain financial limitations. A teacher will never make a ton of
money. It’s doubtful an investment
banker won’t.
9 – Coffee is really awesome.
10 – A good woman is hard to find but harder to keep. Put in the effort
11 – Levis 569 36X34 is the jean you like. Stick with it
12 – Always stay late at conferences.
That’s where the real conversations happen.
13 – Half of life is really showing up>
14 – The other half if raising your hand and not being scared
15 – If you love your job, you won’t think about the hours.
16 – The world is truly small and not that different.
17 – If you are big in DC, you are big in US, therefore you are big in world
18 – Sometimes it’s fun to talk to strangers in airports
19 – Always trust people who ask the waiter “what’s good here”
20 – Grades don’t really matter.
Being awesome does.
21 – Take more risks. Everybody
says this but no one does. But
it’s worth it
22 – Retiring early is overrated.
Too many retired folks I know are bored
23 – You are rich when you don’t think about money
24 – American apparel t-shirts are worth the extra money
25 – Design is important.
26 – Nothing is more fun than a good dance party
27 – It’s all about hanging with good people….not about where you are
28 – Everyone who is successful
says to take risks. Everyone who
is not says to be careful
29 – If you can convince people of something, that is a great skill to have
30 – Keep your curiosity. It keeps
you alive & keeps you positioned well

Got any suggestions you’d add?

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Shannon Donelson

Great great stuff! Although, the Levis 569 36X34 looks kind of weird on me…it’s the only one I may not agree with.

Avatar photo Bill Brantley

1. Don’t panic.
2. If you are going to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk about it.
3. A man has got to know his limitations.
4. Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.
5. Nothing great was ever discovered or invented by a cynic.

Happy Birthday!

Andrew Krzmarzick

I thought of another one here:

– Pick a couple airlines, hotels, rental cars and build up points…loyalty definitely pays off.