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Human capital management and talent management

I have thought for sometimes how Federal government can enhance recruitment pool of qualified candidates to fill critical and leadership positions and how agency Human Capital Officer can help identify those high performing employees who have been trapped in the same position for so many years without having a chance to move out of his… Read more »

Generation Y and Public Management: Issues and Implications [Live Blog from Paris]

Good morning. I am live blogging from the Ministry of Finance in Paris, France, where I am participating in an event hosted by the Institut de la Gestion Publique (Institute for Public Management). This marks the 10th year of an annual event and this year’s theme is “Generation Y and Public Management: Issues and Implications.”… Read more »

More Details – Recruiting/Hiring Students and Recent Grads

More information from John Berry on Executive Order 13562: On December 27, 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order 13562 entitled “Recruiting and Hiring Students and Recent Graduates.” The principal purpose of the order is to establish a comprehensive structure to help the Federal Government be more competitive in recruiting and hiring talented individuals who are… Read more »

Ressler’s Rule #10: If you don’t systematically plan, life is a series of random events

There is a great old George Harrison song, which is titled “If you don’t know where you are going, anyroad will get you there.” Presumably, there is a corollary “if you know where you are going make sureyou pick a road that gets you there”. Moving forward without any direction appears to be the preferredmethod… Read more »

…But Do You Respect Your HR Team?

Once viewed as a necessary evil to the organization, today’s effective HR Teams are no longer an organizational obstacle. Do you believe that? Before you answer, check out what employees have said at Google, SAS Southwest Airlines and, yes, even the govies at the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Today’s global network demands that successful Human Resources… Read more »

3 Skills To Learn at Next Generation of Government

So I’m super excited about the GovLoop/Young Government Leaders Next Generation of Government Summit July 6 & 7th. We are already at almost 200 registrants of the raddest, smartest, government innovators and it’ll be a blast. Make sure to register soon before it sells outThere are lots of skills I hope people learn at Next… Read more »

Watch out…Here Comes the Next Generation of Government

Here Comes the Next Generation of Government…(Learn more 7/6-7/7) The next generation of government is coming. And it’s coming fast. I’ve been following these changes since I came to work to the federal government in 2004 fresh out of University of Pennsylvania on a Department of Homeland Security fellowship. As the son of a career… Read more »