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5 Resources to Beat Feedback Fear

So you’re scared to give feedback at your next one-on-one with a colleague. Or, you’re on edge about receiving it at the next meeting with your manager. You’re not alone. According to neuroscience research, both receivers and givers experience spiking heart rates in feedback exchanges, akin to being physically threatened.

But not to fear, GovLoop is here! Below are our five best resources on overcoming feedback fear and frustration.

How to Provide Feedback in a Constructive Manner

Stabilize your feedback heart rate by following these tips and a handy acronym to remember them all.


Moving Beyond Discouragement to Process Negative Feedback

When feedback doesn’t boost you up, one of our featured contributors Anna Taylor tells you how to keep going.


Feedback Dies Every Minute You Don’t Read This Article

Yes, indeed.


How to Get Meaningful Feedback From Your Supervisor

Stuck with vague evaluations? Or worse yet, none? Here are some suggestions to get higher quality feedback from higher-ups.


Take a GovLoop Academy Course on Giving Effective Feedback!

This 10-minute animated video breaks down more effective feedback into three parts — what it is, how to create a space for it and how to deliver.


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