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A Better Approach to Storage and Backup

This post is an excerpt from our course, The Next Generation of Data Backup and Recovery, on GovLoop Academy.

Agencies are looking for better approaches to data storage and backup. The past approach of using multiple point solutions resulted in brittle infrastructure with challenges such as long deployment cycles, inability to meet service level agreements, lack of scalability, architectural complexity and fragmented management.

Now, agencies are shedding those complex, legacy multi-tiered solutions for simplified data management that still has physical support but is built for virtualized environments, and native cloud capabilities. One example of that solution is Rubrik Cloud Data Management.

The solution provides a single, software fabric that backs up all application data on-premises, at the edge, or in the cloud. It also handles many data use cases, including backup and recovery, as well as archiving, analytics, and development. Plus, as many organizations move towards hybrid cloud, it can enable mobilizing applications across clouds, automating orchestration with self-service, and offering search and analytics on application data at scale.

This kind of intelligent convergence provides a smarter approach to backup and recovery for many reasons:

1. With recovery built around speed and flexibility, agencies ensure data integrity — even in the event of a national crisis or breach.

2. A software-centric solution is easier to deploy across the enterprise – even if the agency’s infrastructure is a mishmash of cloud, local, and hybrid IT environments.

3. Agencies can significantly cut costs when they acquire central, cloud-based management solutions. Upfront costs for cloud are declining, while ongoing pay-per-use models save money in the long term by ensuring agencies don’t pay for storage they aren’t using.

4. At the same time, a central solution can converge many functions like backup software, replication, proxies, catalog databases, deduplicated storage and more. The physically disparate hardware and software components underlying the multi-tiered, legacy architecture are combined into one software solution.

5. Cloud-based data management systems simply perform better. Central, cloud-based data recovery and backup systems not only maintain higher levels of performance, they do it at less cost and with greater ease of integration and deployment.

To get more details and learn how a single platform can meet agency data backup and recovery needs, take our self-paced course here.

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