A Digital Transformation Success Story

This case study is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent report, “Modernizing Your Content: The Key to Digital Transformation.” Download the full report here.

Content services platforms (CSP) are helping organizations grow into the 21st century versions of themselves by empowering employees with access to the content they need, when and where they need it. A CSP serves as an information hub that gives agencies the flexibility and scalability to connect and use data — regardless of its location.

Let’s take a look at a user example from Nuxeo, a leader in open source content management systems. 

Federal agencies have a lot in common with some of the world’s largest commercial enterprises, in terms of size, content objectives and security challenges.

Take banks, for example. Content and data are the biggest assets a bank holds. Banks know everything about how a person behaves, what their lifestyle is because of what they do with their money and who they spend their money with. Similarly, data is the lifeblood of government and gives agencies insights into what citizens need and want, future trends and more.

To effectively use unstructured data in a secure manner, as well as comply with federal modernization requirements, agencies need a modern approach to content management. Specifically, they need a platform capable of handling the scale and variety of information they oversee.

Using a CSP, agencies can better tag, organize, manage and distribute a variety of content. That may include documents, images, emails, video or audio records.

Government agencies can relate to pain points felt by one of the top 15 banks in the world. The bank was tasked by its board with improving time to market (from months and years to weeks and days), transforming the customer experience (be more like Amazon) and slashing technology costs. Like many organizations, the bank had to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which redefines the way organizations manage data and approach privacy.

But the bank realized that the real change was not just about adopting new technology but transforming the organization and its culture. The bank partnered with Nuxeo to create a “Data Vault” or a digital safety deposit box that provided three main capabilities:

  1. Make unstructured business documents available to customers
  2. Store and view critical personal documents
  3. Enhance the use of metadata and compliance with GDPR requirements

The bank needed a problem-solving partner that could bring digital skills to the table and real-world expertise at delivering modernization at an industrial level. The bank was able to enhance the customer experience by delivering a paper-free environment with a single point of access for all information and a Google-like search on unstructured documents. It also used metadata and machine learning to re-examine historical documents and harvest a wealth of information to update data systems.

For all organizations, whether a bank or government agency, it’s not enough to just collect information; they must find ways to put this information to intelligent use in an effort to improve the citizen experience.

To learn more about the challenges agencies face in managing diverse content, and best practices for developing a holistic content management strategy that aligns with IT modernization efforts, download our full report here.



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