Are Governments Still Using Dial Up…Really?

How many times in the last month have you had the opportunity to sit back and say, “yeah, I remember when this was like this or that was like that”?

I had one of those moments the other day while talking with a friend at CenturyLink and it made me think…Are people still using a dial up connection? Those poor souls. Though, I do remember the dial up connection…I sure don’t miss it, with the connectivity we have available to us today not many would.

The instance it all hit me, and made me understand a little bit more about the operations of some local governments, was when I heard about the City of Los Angeles’ major need to switch from dial up (56K connection) to the big boys club (T1-level service). After taking in the realization of a slow connection, low productivity levels and overall frustration by the users I was stunned to hear that a dial-up connection was also expensive — so why wouldn’t you switch to something faster?

If you know, what type of connection are you working (or dealing) with in your organization?

To hear more about the City of Los Angeles’ upgrade check out this interview with their Senior Communications Engineer, Greg Wnuck.

CenturyLink (formerly Qwest Communications) is a proud partner of GovLoop and is committed to the communication missions of state, local and federal governments. Its concept of operations is driven by an unwavering commitment to provide best-in-class customer service. CenturyLink is positioned to support your mission objectives with global reach, expanded network and financial strength.

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Robert Powell

Hello Megan. Nice meeting you in Sacramento the other night.

My office is on a very basic DSL connection – 1.28 MBPS download and .32 MBPS upload. It’s been the same speed since we first signed up for it years ago. We recently learned that we’ll be doing file sharing between offices via SharePoint, so we have a request in for a higher speed connection.