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20 Tips to Ace Your Next Presentation

There are many things in life I hope to accomplish, and speaking in public is one of them. The only problem? I shiver at the thought of actually stepping on stage…but lucky for me, I don’t have to do it tomorrow. However, yesterday morning I did have to present to twenty people. My hands wereRead… Read more »

Project Management Tips To Live By

Are you a project manager? Maybe project management (PM) is disguised in your job description, if it’s not in the actual title. As a leader in government, you likely encounter project management tasks every day. And knowing how to handle those tasks in a timely manner, with a clear scope and with all team members on board isRead… Read more »

What Kind of Attendee Are You?

When you attend an event, conference or meeting how do you act? What are you thinking about? How well do you know the subject matter when you arrive? What about when you leave? Why are you there? All of these factors play into what kind of attendee you are and how you best consume information. SimplyRead… Read more »

Boost Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience – White House Event

The White House, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are hosting an event highlighting the impacts of climate change. The event will include new announcements on how to deploy data-driven technologies and leverage freely available open government data to build products and services that strengthen ourRead… Read more »

Why NextGen: GovLoop Mentorship, NextGen and My Road to DC

Written By: Emily Rolkowski, Federal Government Employee I applied and was accepted to the 2013 Spring GovLoop mentorship program. As a federal employee working in Chicago, I desperately wanted to meet more peers working in the same sector. Even though I participated in the mentorship program remotely, I still gained a tremendous amount from it.Read… Read more »

NASA and Open Source

The National Aeronautic and Space Administration has been a leading global pioneer in science and technology since its inception in 1958, boldly going where no man has gone before. NASA has produced technology that has been adapted not only for the grandeur of space exploration but also for non-aerospace uses in the private sector, bringingRead… Read more »

Big Data for Geo

Every industry utilizes data in some facit or another. In the geo world, you can’t look in a direction that doesn’t include data…BIG data. Which is why we are bringing together GIS and developer professionals from throughout the DC metro area to learn more about Big Data and the latest in geospatial and cloud technology.Read… Read more »

GovLoop Scavenger Hunt: Browse. Discover Icons. Win!

Ready to celebrate? Thanks to you, there are 50,000 members on GovLoop with whom we can collaborate with and solve government problems together. And if that isn’t reason to celebrate, I don’t know what is! Next Thursday (12/8) we are hosting a 50K Member Extravaganza! We’ll be feeding govies in DC, putting on our dancingRead… Read more »

GovLoop Training: Government Customer Service Mandate – Are we better off?

Last Thursday (11/17), GovLoop and RightNow hosted a training webinar on “Government Customer Service Mandate – Are we better off?”. During the training we discussed the lessons learned from building agency customer service plans and took a look at the future of government customer service. Below please find key resources related to the training session:Read… Read more »

Is Government Enabling Online Addiction?

If not, they should be! Almost everyday I see a different GovLoop member stressing the importance of online engagement in government as a tool for better customer service. As governments seek to serve citizens with more information online, are they contributing to our information overdose…or providing a quick hit that helps us more immediately? TakeRead… Read more »