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Boy Am I Connected!

While working from home the other day, I looked up and realized something. I had 4 devices connected to the internet at one time. Two computers, my phone, and my tablet. I said to myself, “Boy am I connected!” How many devices do you usually have connected to the internet at one time? ———————————————————————– CenturyLinkRead… Read more »

Is Your Internet Connection Slowing You Down?

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing worse than needing to complete a project for work, but being delayed by the internet! How has a Slow Internet Connection Ever Reduced Your Productivity? CenturyLink Government is quickly improving the connectivity of government, and recently announced that a five-year task order will be fully implementedRead… Read more »

Extreme Makeover: IT Department Edition?

How does your IT department look from an outside perspective, maybe even your CIO’s perspective? Check out this insightful post from Centurylink’s own Blake Wetzel. It really asks the big questions that all of us should be exploring! Originally posted in the ThinkGig Blog. We’ve all had those moments: A time when we take aRead… Read more »

What’s the Most Inopportune Time Your Internet Didn’t Work?

Face it, it has happen to us all…some internet connections are spotty and they doesn’t always work when we absolutely need them to! Tell us a story about when your internet connection went out and you REALLY needed it to work; What were you doing? What were the pressures? How did it make you feel?Read… Read more »