Are Your Ready to Breakout?

Breakout sessions. They are one of the best and worst parts of a conference.

Why the best? Breakouts give you the opportunity to take a break from a grand ballroom and meet in a more intimate setting. You are able to hear about a more specified topic and let’s face it, you feel much more comfortable asking questions when in a smaller setting. These items combined make a rich, discussion based session which allows attendees not only to learn, but to really participate.

Why the worst? I use the word “worst” in the best way possible. Breakout sessions force you to choose. For instance, I’m looking at the Next Generation of Government Summit agenda and I already know I’m going to have the hardest time deciding which breakout sessions to choose from.

Take the first day’s sessions for example:

  1. Speak Up: How To Be A Great Public Speaker: Public. Speaking: The words of death for many, but even those like me who love public speaking need some specific guidance towards becoming a great public speaker in our careers. This session is going to feature one amazing speaker. Dave Uejio, Special Assistant to the Director, Office of human Resources, National Institutes of Health, is a rockstar, and what a people person he is! Learning about public speaking from such a personable guy is what makes a great conference breakout session
  2. Gov2.0 Ninja – Proven Tips on Implementing Gov 2.0 in Your Agency- Although blackbelts won’t be given out at the end of this session, David Hale, will be providing essential tips on how to best utilize Gov2.0 in your workplace. Government is known for being slow to the latest and greatest trends, but this session will prepare you with the tools to make changes in your agency/organization. Become a Gov2.0 Ninja stand out like a champ
  3. A Framework to Manage Your Career: When we leave school, we often focus so much on getting a job that we then forget that we are actually starting a career. You have to take your career into your own hands, because that is the only way you will truly thrive! In this session, you will get the chance to hear from the incredible Frank DiGiammarino, who will take you through his career framework and ways to make key decisions that will transform your working life into a career path.

See what I’m talking about? It’s impossible to decide which of these important, informative, and engaging session to attend!

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