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Theories of Governance v. Theories of Government

x-posted from FedBlog: It’s going to be all Slate, all the time today, folks. For some reason, the little online newsmagazine has decided to write a lot about government’s role and government jobs over the past 48 hours, and if they write it, I’m more than happy to blog it. First up is this pieceRead… Read more »

New Acting Director at OPM

I’m waiting for answers on why he did this, but apparently President Obama has appointed an acting Office of Personnel Management director, Kathie Ann Whipple, previously the agency’s deputy general counsel. A couple of things strike me as strange about this….

Clay Johnson Heads to Texas

All credit to my editors for noticing this, but Clay Johnson is among the Bush confidants who headed back to Texas with the former president on Tuesday. And given his history, Johnson might be prepared to show his fellow travelers a good time…

IT Strategy

I’ve been noticing the great conversations people are having here about how to use IT in their agencies, and I added some thoughts of my own here, at FedBlog. An excerpt appears below, and I’m only sorry I wrote it before Marcus Peacock wrote his great posts on blogging as a place to solicit commentsRead… Read more »

Not Quite Yet for the New OPM Director

I posted this earlier today: The Washington Post wrote this morning that John Berry, the director of the National Zoo in Washington, had accepted an offer from President-elect Obama to become director of the Office of Personnel Management. That appears to be somewhat premature, according to Zoo spokeswoman Pamela Baker-Masson, who said moments ago whenRead… Read more »

Results from the 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey

FedBlog has two quick dumps of results from the 2008 Federal Human Capital Survey: the questions that showed the most improvement from 2006 to 2008 and the top-rated ten agencies in four key areas, and the top ten agencies that showed the most improvement. Check out Government Executive later tonight for a full analysis ofRead… Read more »