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Best Tips for Blogging

If my life were a fable, it would be the story where our heroine searches high and low for books on social media and web presence that go well beyond the basics, yet aren’t too technical for a general reader to understand. There she would be, sitting on the threshing floor sifting through a mountainRead… Read more »

Getting Started

Welcome to the Creative Content Coaching blog, where I write about Publishing, Social Media, and Web Presence. Here are some highlights from each section: Publishing I explain what all the fuss is about with ebooks and digital publishing. A video interview with Todd Sattersten on why books are really start-ups. How to be smart aboutRead… Read more »

Authors are Entrepreneurs, and Every Book is a Startup (video)

We all know what it takes to launch a business: months of preparation and hard work, careful use of resources, and lots of creative thinking when it comes to scaling our new venture. Todd Sattersten, author of Every Book is a Startup: The New Business of Publishing, says that authors should think of their booksRead… Read more »

Life in the Trenches: Authors, eBooks, and Social Media

Ewan Morrison‘s recent article in The Guardian, Why social media isn’t the magic bullet for self-epublished authors, deftly lays out many self-published authors’ deepest fears. Faced with the self-destruction of traditional publishing and scratching their heads over the byzantine alleyways of Facebook fan pages and the like, authors weigh the effort it takes to promoteRead… Read more »

L is for Leadership

I have written a lot about the essential tools, work habits, and attitudes for growing a vibrant web presence. Now that this series is reaching its midpoint, I want to write about the moment when all your hard work pays off and you actually start achieving success. Strange as it may seem, success catches manyRead… Read more »

An Artist’s View of Tumblr

If you’ve never heard of Tumblr (or its closest competitor Posterous), welcome to the world of short-form blogging! Tumblr is a vibrant platform and community, where authors post entries that are larger than a tweet (140 characters) but significantly shorter than the 600-800 words of a typical blog post. Many Tumblrs consist exclusively of photos,Read… Read more »

Facebook’s Growing Problem

I had this post half written when I went away last weekend for my daughter’s college graduation. When I returned, I read these comments made by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at the e-G8, bemoaning the fact that people are still concerned about privacy on Facebook despite all its benefits for social change worldwide: We seeRead… Read more »

Three Great Products from Web 2.0 Expo

Here in San Francisco, the weather is beautiful and people are smiling after weeks of rain. Inside Moscone Center at the Web 2.0 Expo, a similar climate of hope and expectation prevails, bolstered by evidence that the economic climate now favors individuals, businesses, and non-profits that want to expand their reach with a slew ofRead… Read more »