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4 Pointers for Getting Your Conference Proposals Accepted

A mentor of mine once told me about an important distinction when deciding how to spend one’s finite work time. A focus on the day-to-day fixing of issues, meeting with clients, and delivering the deliverables was spending time “in the business.” Getting your head up out of the weeds to see where you were headed,Read… Read more »

2014 Performance Support Symposium Retrospective

The eLearning Guild’s Performance Support Symposium offers you the opportunity to explore proven organizational strategies for reducing training time while increasing focus on delivering performance support directly into workflows as it is needed. Learn how to identify an appropriate balance between performance support and training, and discover how to create and implement a plan thatRead… Read more »

If You Build It, They Still Won’t Read Their Email

Last month, Christine Steger posed an interesting question in the e-Learning group. In her post. “Communications and Change Management Plan for Transitioning to eLearning,” Christine reveals that she’s in charge of developing a Communication and Change Management (CM) Plan. I was struck by just how forward-looking this project is to include this kind of plan.Read… Read more »