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With Open Gov slowdown in U.S. will UK become the next Gov 2.0 global leader?

Over the last week we’ve been hearing disturbing news about the open government movement in the U.S. On June 22nd, The Washington Post announced The Death of Open Government and yesterday asked the question: Is the door closing on open government? Meanwhile, the UK continues to make investments in open government initiatives, inspired in partRead… Read more »

The Benefits of Social Media – Employee Engagement

Working for the BC Public Service over the last two and a half years, I’ve seen firsthand how a cultural shift towards the use of social media has improved employee engagement. Social media is a communication channel that allows an employee’s voice be heard across traditional organizational and hierarchical boundaries. When an employee’s voice andRead… Read more »

The Why of Social Media (part 2)

When thinking about citizen and employee engagement and how we can all work together to address complex issues such as climate change, homelessness and healthcare, to name a few, consider what motivates people and how we can enable them to do what they do best: contribute. Understanding human motivation is the foundation of improving citizenRead… Read more »