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When Contracting, It’s Not About You

{Originally published at, a Deltek network.} You might have the coolest new technology or most profitable business model on the block, but when you contract with the government, it’s not about you. The panel of experts at the latest GovWin webinar, Securing Government Contracts: Lessons Learned from Successful SMBs, explained why. [Watch the archivedRead… Read more »

State and Local Contractors: Prove Your Worth Now

{Originally published at, a Deltek network.} Agencies are eliminating contractors to save their own employees. At last week’s State & Local IT Market Forecast for 2011-2016 webinar, Chris Dixon, Deltek Manager of State and Local Industry Analysis, encouraged contractors to “look for ways to help agencies understand the value of their contractors and theRead… Read more »

How to Move From the Government to Government Contracting

{Originally published at, a Deltek network.} Though federal government positions are reputed to be more stable, their growth is slow due to cost-cutting measures. Contractor employment, however, is expected to grow. In just one example, the number of IT security personnel on the federal payroll is expected to increase to 61,000 by 2015, manyRead… Read more »

Experts: If It’s on FedBizOpps, It’s Too Late

If the first hint you have of an upcoming contract award is its listing on FedBizOpps, you’re behind, according to the panel of government contracting experts at the latest GovWin Virtual Roundtable, “Win or Go Home: How to Thrive in the Budget-Crunched, Extra-Competitive Government Contracting Environment.” [Read the rest of my article at] FiledRead… Read more »

Business Development, Capture and Marketing

The U.S. government is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services. Targeting the world’s biggest client makes sense for most businesses. But growing your business in the federal contracting space is unlike business development in the commercial sector. The federal process involves registering with several databases, tracking requests for proposal (RFPs), and following aRead… Read more »

Eight Signs Your Organization Needs an Editor

1. Your writers assure you they don’t need an editor. 2. Clients send back documents with errors circled in red. 3. Clients threaten to take business elsewhere due to poor document quality. 4. You’ve ever been featured on websites that exist mostly to make fun of poor spelling and grammar. 5. Your managers spend halfRead… Read more »