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It’s Time for a Tech Rebellion in Government

Rebellion abounds today, how can Government’s capture the passion and sustain the movements? I wrote this piece earlier this Summer for the Lower House of Congress in Mexico in anticipation of my publishing deal for my upcoming book, “Rebel Technology”. I wanted to publish it again given the events in Libya and what will potentiallyRead… Read more »

Korea set to help Africa with #gov20 opportunity … #Libya is clear opportunity

African eGovernment including Libya The fine folks at FutureGov (not Dom’s FutureGov) wrote today about Korea’s plans to help out the East African Community (EAC) in their search for better government service through leveraging technology. It is good to see this kind of international cooperation and reuniting of the global eGovernment nation. As an executiveRead… Read more »

Change Afoot?

Suu Kyi, leader of Myanmar’s democratic opposition, smiles to supporters before leaving Shwemawdaw Pagoda at Bago As the air of change surrounds me, I am hopeful that there indeed are signs of change in Burma as well. It appears that Aung San Suu Kyi is being allowed to travel the country freely to discuss realRead… Read more »

Click Here to Uninstall, Government – #gov20

Can we change the way we *do* Government? Bill Eggers and Devon Halley write for Governing on What Geeks can Teach Government. Great article and continues the great work from Eggers, Halley and Deloitte. The idea for “Beta Government” has been kicked around before and I would love to see the idea flushed out aRead… Read more »

Unity in Eurozone a Sign of Possible #gov20 Opportunity?

New commitment to European Unity could spell opportunity for #gov20? French President Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel came out in at least a verbal commitment to increased unity in the Eurozone today. While the also downplayed the possibility of a EuroBond they also pointed toward a desired harmonization on taxation (hint, hint to Ireland).Read… Read more »

Social Media as a Protected Right? #gov20

Are Mobile Phones Subject to the Second Amendment Protections #gov20 David Gewirtz @ ZD writes an interesting column on whether the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution (or equivalent protections globally) would have protected cell phone use if they had been around at the time. Despite the commenters digging a bit to deep into theRead… Read more »

Pawlenty and All Rationality Exit Race for Whitehouse? #gov20 #opengov

Irrationality can result, even from “Self-evident” truths As most of you know, I am a Democrat (worked for a Democratic Congressman, Governor and a bunch of other great electeds and candidates throughout the years). So, don’t take my headline as any indication of a change in my spots. But I get concerned when parts ofRead… Read more »

Sometimes Potholes Never Die

Pothole in the Middle East I have had my blog in stasis for a few months now due to some circumstances beyond my control. That will be ending very soon. Thanks to all of you for your well wishes and undying support. You are all incredible. I will be setting some of my old functionsRead… Read more »