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Roads less travelled, the pain involved & the reasons to persevere #gov20 #opengov #wiunion

Tweet The Road Less Travelled in Worth It! With my wife, I am constantly trying to raise two daughters to be prepared for life in a sometimes turbulent world. The daily conversations are primarily mundane (Spongebob or Disney), but from time to time, more often lately, the topics turn to deeper philosophy and how toRead… Read more »

Greek Monks and Open Government #gov20 #opengov

Tweet Did the Greek Monks Destroy the Country or was it Lack of Government Transparency? Reviewing some of the older pieces on the true greek tragedy (in economic terms) and finally read through the whole of the great Vanity Fair article by Michael Lewis (“Beware of Greek s Bearing Bonds”). The detail in the articleRead… Read more »

How to Help: Government 2.0 is too important to stop the fight #gov20 #opengov

Tweet Wisconsin Public sector Workers Fight for their collective bargaining rights I have been through some very interesting times as of late, the kind of things that make you think about who you are, what you fight for and your position in the order of things. I have absolutely incredible friends and family that helpRead… Read more »

Inspiration for all of us #gov20

Tweet Doctor King I will be a bit quiet for a bit. But, an incredible woman sent these quotes to me, and I thought their words were much more fitting than anything I could say right now. Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so weRead… Read more »