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The New FixingPotholes

As most of you know I am now SVP of Global and Strategic Accounts for Salesforce. I absolutely love the position as it puts our company at the forefront of radical and sometimes wrenching business process changes for our commercial customers. The dynamic involved is very familiar as I have been preaching about change forRead… Read more »

Social Enterprises Extending the Influence of the Customer #e20 #socialenterprise

Bank of America Protest The influence of customers has always been impactful, but never before has it held such immediate returns or distractions in the corporate world. While companies have long paid lip service to the idea that their corporate world, and strategies, revolved around customers, today the immediacy of social media has called theirRead… Read more »

Miszewski/Microsoft Settlement Update

On August 30, 2011, Mr. Miszewski began work at as Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales, in the commercial sector for Mr. Miszewski accepts this position after having reached an agreement with Microsoft Corporation to resolve all remaining issues in the lawsuit brought by Microsoft against him. Mr. Miszewski is pleased that thisRead… Read more »