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RDF and Open Government Data

More often than not the topic of RDF (W3C’s Resource Description Framework) comes up soon after you get into any conversation about open government data. It comes up as the discussion strays into ways of making published datasets more valuable to developers and other potential consumers of any data that might be made available. WellRead… Read more »

Open Government Data and The Great Expectation Gap

Originally posted on “”, 20th October 2009 The level of activity around the world in opening up government data is nothing short of astounding. Governments at every level have engaged citizens, businesses and developers in combinations of public discussions and hackfests to look at how the data that they hold can be used in newRead… Read more »

Lost Conversations, Lost Decisions, Lost History…

Originally posted on “TalkStandards”, 11th November 2009 There is no debate that standards have always played an important role in the design and delivery of eGovernment systems, since the mid-1990s we have been seeing standards play critical roles in data exchange, authentication and the way that information is ultimately presented back to the user. EarlyRead… Read more »

Searching Open Government Data in four dimensions

Originally posted on ““, on 9th November 2009 The current trend of governments releasing massive and diverse datasets will demand something different from internet search tools in the future, something that we might consider a little extraordinary today. Today most of us search in a single dimension, we tap a term into our favourite webRead… Read more »