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Astounding that US government is blissfully unaware of Internet of Things & its impact!

The Internet of Things — linking devices ranging from smartphones to cars’ computers to industrial sensors via the same Internet that we use — has been a technical reality since 2008 (more “things” than people are now connected), and by 2015 IBM predicts 1 TRILLION things will be linked. Yet it is impossible to findRead… Read more »

RDF and Open Government Data

More often than not the topic of RDF (W3C’s Resource Description Framework) comes up soon after you get into any conversation about open government data. It comes up as the discussion strays into ways of making published datasets more valuable to developers and other potential consumers of any data that might be made available. WellRead… Read more »

How cell phones, Twitter and Facebook make history

From the Government Business Examiner by Donna L. Quesinberry When performing a search on Clay Shirky (an adjunct professor in NYU’s graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program [ITP]), the result is no less than 20 pages of factoids, videos, articles, blogs, etc. Mr. Shirky’s understanding of the interrelated effects of social and technological network topology and howRead… Read more »

Semantic Technology Solutions for Gov 2.0: Citizen-Friendly and with Transparency, Opennes, and Collaboration

The Obama administration has set the goal of achieving and unprecedented level of openness, participation, transparency, and collaboration in government. This applies especially to the accessibility of government information and the tracking of stimulus expenditures. This presentation discusses ways that cloud computing, web 2.0, and web 3.0 semantic technologies can be used to deliver citizen-friendlyRead… Read more »

The Future of e-Gov: Connected e-Governance

Mills Davis‘ Semantic Technologies session presentation, at today’s Gov 2.0 Unconference, is compelling, to say the least. It illustrates where the web is going, with respect to e-Gov and Web 3.0 (and onwards). Fasten your seat belts, folks. What is the role of cloud computing, web 2.0, and web 3.0 semantic technologies in the comingRead… Read more »

Role of cloud computing, web 2.0, and web 3.0 semantic technologies in an era of transparent, collaborative, connected governance?

Brand Niemann (EPA) and I recently organized a a one-day conference / workshop held in Washington, DC on February 17, 2009 on the role of information and communication technologies in an era of connected governance. This wiki page contains the program and all proceedings including presentations, videos, and handouts from the event: From E-Gov toRead… Read more »