The Top 10 Things People Said About Next Gen 2011: And Why You Should Go to Next Gen 2012.

A new movement is shaking up the federal bureaucracy, as an expanding pool of idealistic, results-oriented Gen X and Yers challenges the predictability and authority-driven rules of the World War II generation and the pay-your-dues baby boomers who followed.” – Washington Post, 2010 (Referring to NextGen 2010)

While there was consensus among all attendees that NextGen 2011 was well worth their time, we have selected these 10 personal quotes:

  1. I was so encouraged by all the energy, young talent and thought leadership.
  2. I am incredibly impressed by both the speakers and the attendees. Reminds me of why I’m proud to be a public servant and excites me about the future of government. Nicely done, gir!!”
  3. I learned how to speak up in a broken organization.
  4. Great visit to DC…learned a lot and made great new contacts.
  5. I loved the parts I attended and left SO inspired with a big list of things I am going to try to do from my role at DHS.
  6. I’m ready to go back Monday and start making a difference all over again.
  7. This event had the highest energy level of any I can recall attending in a long time, both from the speakers and the attendees.
  8. The next generation of government truly is a group of passionate, talented, motivated, engaged, ambitious individuals who are looking to make a difference.
  9. I thought back to [NextGen] where I remembered that good innovative ideas are most always met with criticism and that everyone has challenges making their voices heard.
  10. This was one of the most well thought out and organized conferences I have ever attended.

So if you are ready to be energized, inspired, and motivated to lead innovation in your organization, be sure to register for NextGen 2012.

For more information please visit our website (www.nextgengovt.com)

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