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Pretty proud of myself

OK, this doesn’t have anything to do with government work or Gov 2.0 or my other favorite topics, but I’m pretty proud of myself. I rode my bike in to work today for the first time this season. Don’t be too impressed, it’s less than 5 miles from my house to the Civic Center accordingRead… Read more »

Local Gov 2.0 the way it’s supposed to be

Those of us who work for local government who are here on govloop have spent some time talking about how we would like to see “Gov 2.0” used at the local government level. Well, here is a local government leader who is doing just what we asked! The police chief for Lincoln, Nebraska, has aRead… Read more »

If you could change one thing about your city/town’s government, what would it be?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about posts from fellow GovLoopers (or are we Loopies?): – Andrew‘s forum discussion asking “If you could change one thing about govenment, what would it be? and – Adriel‘s blog post on Gov 2.0 in local government. I think that, given the fact that local government has more limitedRead… Read more »