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AFFIRM April special event: Mobility

Government On The Move: An In-Depth Look At MobilityAFFIRM’s special event: Mobility Presenters: Carl Froehlich, Associate CIO End User Equipment and Services, IRS Jerry Horton, USAID Kelly Knopf, DOE Gwynne Kostin, Director, Mobile, OCSIT, GSA John Santo, Customs and Border Protection Lt. Col. Anmy Torres, US Army Wyatt Kash, Editor at Large, 1105 Media (moderator)Read… Read more »

DHS Procurement Chief Seeks Continuous Improvement

The Federal Insider For Nick Nayak, public service runs in the family. The son of a 30-year scientist at the National Institutes of Health, Nayak was recently named chief procurement officer at the Homeland Security Department. He brings a lot of experience to the job, having spent nearly two decades in a variety of postsRead… Read more »

Mary Alice Baish, Superintendent of Documents

Interview: GPO’s Mary Alice Baish Librarian Takes on the World’s Foremost Collection Mary Alice Baish is a founding member of, a coalition of “outside” groups that promotes secrecy reduction. Now she is helping promote the opening of the government from the inside. Baish became the Assistant Public Printer and Superintendent of Documents at theRead… Read more »

Diversity – learn more at Federal Senior Management Conference, 4/10-4/13

Laura Liswood – Monday, April 11, 2011 – Lunch KeynoteSecretary General of the Council and co-founder of the Council of Women World Leaders and author of The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity. Global Leadership and Diversity: Crossing the Lines to AchievementLaura Liswood is co-founder of the Council of Women World Leaders, a global organization comprisedRead… Read more »

FedInsider: Dueling Books Reflect Procurement Experts’ Personalities

Dueling Books Reflect Procurement Experts’ Personalities Self-published books used to be the domain of the mediocre and the desperate. Mostly they were low-rent affairs, cheaply produced. They served pretty much the vanity of their publishers, and looked it. No more. Nowadays would-be authors have an astonishing variety of online social tools to spread the wordRead… Read more »

For a View of 2011, Watch These People

FedinsiderTrying to change the government is like running up a hill that gradually gets steeper. The going gets more difficult and eventually you tire out. Two years since President Obama was inaugurated, his team managing the government itself has been stable. And it enters 2011 still having pretty good momentum. The one big change wasRead… Read more »

Clouds Gather over Federal IT

www.fedinsider.comA positive outlook is enveloping cloud computing. Not only has GSA awarded 11 contracts for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), but other companies are jumping in with cloud services of their own. For the GSA offering, the real strength lies in the fact that GSA will complete certification and accreditation (C&A) under Federal Information SecurityRead… Read more »

Competition in Contracting Starts with the Program Office Non-competitive award of contracts continues to be a bugaboo of federal contracting. Like weeds, it is resistant to attempts at hacking it back. A recent look at contracts from several departments, conducted by the Government Accountability Office, found that although the level fluctuates, about a third of contract obligations are attributed to non-competitive contracts.Read… Read more »