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Lowly CO Representatives Get New Attention and Status

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is turning its attention to a long-neglected function, that of the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, or COTR. Starting January 1, 2012, COTRs will simply be called Contracting Officers’ Representative, or COR. The switch from COTR to COR is much more than just a simple title change. It is aRead… Read more »

GSA Asks What You Want in a Federal Web Site

On Monday the General Services Administration, on behalf of the White House, launched the National Dialogue on Improving Federal Web Sites. The purpose is to re-invent how the federal government delivers information and services online. The website created for the campaign asks citizens to share their ideas to help answer the question “What practices, policies,Read… Read more »

Bhagowalia in Hawaii: Challenges Amid The Beauty

Sanjeev “Sonny” Bhagowalia has moved from a high-visibility federal job in the pressure cooker of Washington to become the CIO of Hawaii. Sound like a dream job? While Hawaii state government has a more casual dress code, the job brings new challenges to the table. Read about Bhagowalia’s eye-opening experiences since becoming Hawaii’s first CIO.Read… Read more »

Wartime Contracting Can Be Improved With Simple Steps

The big theme emerging from the final report to Congress from the Commission on Wartime Contracting is how to stop the loss of billions and billions of contracting dollars. Are there simple steps to improving wartime contracting? FedInsider examines the report and its recommendations about how the problem can be solved. -> Read More

What the White House Really Wants In Cyber

With 50 bills in Congress having to do with cybersecurity, and none of them showing any imminent signs of movement, the White House at last weighed in with its own legislative proposal. In an online statement, the president’s staff said it was outlining its cyber legislative goals in response to a request from Senate MajorityRead… Read more »

For a View of 2011, Watch These People

FedinsiderTrying to change the government is like running up a hill that gradually gets steeper. The going gets more difficult and eventually you tire out. Two years since President Obama was inaugurated, his team managing the government itself has been stable. And it enters 2011 still having pretty good momentum. The one big change wasRead… Read more »