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3 Startups Proving That ‘For Good’ & ‘For profit’ Are Not Mutually Exclusive

This blog post was originally featured on The Toolbox Several days ago civic tech startup Citizinvestor shared with its followers their company values. What stood out to me was their eighth core value: For good, for profit Profit and social impact are not mutually exclusive. We believe the best way to create real change isRead… Read more »

Why I Joined a Civic Startup

I am proud to be a part of a civic startup. After working with big government contractors for over five years, I knew the business of government. Several months ago I began looking for new career opportunities. I wanted to continue working with government, but I wanted to actually make a difference. In my jobRead… Read more »

Essential Elements of a Government Social Media Policy

Government Social Media Policy Part 1: The Public Notice There are two major elements of an external-facing government social media policy. That is to say, a policy that is applicable to the public. The elements include: The section detailing the moderation of third party content, and A notice regarding applicable public records law. Moderation ofRead… Read more »