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Taxi Cabs Debates and What’s the Role of Gov – Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: What’s the appeal of secret societies? Oftentimes, they push members to excel, and make them feel like a part of a team effort. They allow their members to feel apart of an organization and push them to excel. Government doesn’t have any secret organization (or at least ones I know of),Read… Read more »

15 Opportunities for Your Agency to Innovate in Government

The Department of the Interior has successfully matched their message to the right medium with their use of Instagram — and that’s one of the ways government can innovate better. Wednesday, GovDelivery hosted an important event on the Power of Reach in government, on how your communications can engage stakeholders to take action – onlineRead… Read more »

3 Startups Proving That ‘For Good’ & ‘For profit’ Are Not Mutually Exclusive

This blog post was originally featured on The Toolbox Several days ago civic tech startup Citizinvestor shared with its followers their company values. What stood out to me was their eighth core value: For good, for profit Profit and social impact are not mutually exclusive. We believe the best way to create real change isRead… Read more »

Startup Beach House

Are you working on a Gov 2.0 idea, Open Gov idea or have an idea for a product or service to improve government? Than you might be interested in the Startup Beach House! The Startup Beach House originated from the love and passion we have for startups, entrepreneurship and the awesome community surrounding these ideas.Read… Read more »

Startup Genome Compass – a new behchmarking tool for startup businesses

I’d like to share with you one of the best recent applications that also represents a good approach how to combine theoretical knowledge and practical background in one case. Here it is,Startup Genoma Compass that could become a very popular and efficient way to measure startup success and to define in what stage of developmentRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Radio: Empire Avenue – Content, Influence and Gov 2.0

Listen to internet radio with Gov20Radio on Blog Talk Radio Empire Avenue – Crowdsourcing the Best Content: We interview Empire Avenue CEO Duleep Wijayawardhana about how individuals, governments and cause organizations can harness social media, virtual markets and game mechanics to engage their communities. Download episode.