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Young Feds: Your Retirement Questions Answered

So you’ve seen the TSP’s Take FIVE for Your Future campaign, learned that you could be missing out on thousands of dollars towards your retirement, and you’re ready to do something about it. You’ve logged into your agency’s electronic payroll system, or you’re in the process of completing Form TSP-1 to change the amount you’reRead… Read more »

Connecting with Your Future Self

Back in his 20s, Warren Buffett often asked himself, “Do I really want to spend $300,000 for this haircut?” An avid fan of compounding, the future billionaire constantly questioned whether spending money today was worth losing what he could have in the future if he invested it. Buffett is, obviously, the exception. Most of usRead… Read more »

5 Ways to Add $100,000 to Your Retirement Savings

Saving is hard – especially these days. You may have immediate concerns like student loans, credit card bills, mortgages, or childcare payments. Or maybe your current job is “just for now,” and you don’t want to commit to a retirement plan yet. Perhaps you’re new to investing, or you’re nervous about taking on risk. WeRead… Read more »

3 Things Every Young Person Should Know About Federal Retirement

Would you pass up free money? “No” seems like the obvious answer, but some young Federal civilian employees are missing out on thousands of dollars from their agencies over time. Since April is Financial Literacy Month, the Thrift Savings Plan has launched the “Take Five for Your Future” campaign to encourage participants to take fullRead… Read more »