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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

We saw some interesting action this four day week producing a potential bottom to these January woes. Nothing is certain but the bulls do have a little momentum on their side as we run into earnings season. Although the day ended in negative territory, Wednesday’s reversal gave buyers some confidence. The bulls followed up withRead… Read more »

Budget 101: Managing Risks

Many of us who have no formal training or background in accounting/finance find ourselves overseeing big budgets. As we continue to advance in our careers the size of those budgets continues to grow, along the expectations and LIABILITIES. Brookings Executive Education (BEE) Finance for Non-Financial Managers course addresses some of the potential pitfalls those ofRead… Read more »

For Love or Money?

The other day, while I was thinking about what to write for this week’s post, I got to thinking about the rise of reality television. I was pretty young when it started…but it has become a pretty big part of popular culture. One of the more peculiar reality shows I remember was one that wasRead… Read more »