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What do Mediators Do? Here is one example

I’ve been reading Kenneth Clokes great book entitled “Mediating Dangerously.” Chapter Three is titled “Honesty and Empathy: Speaking the Unspeakable.” I am often at a loss for words in explaining what Mediators do, and I believe Ken offers at least part of the answer here: “Increasing the depth and quality of empathy and honesty encouragesRead… Read more »

This article might make some people mad, but I think it makes a good point

Robbie Kunreuther posed the question (I’m paraphrasing) “Why do people who benefit from the government as employees and retirees tend to bash it so much?” He has some interesting insights and answers in this provocative article that first appeared in Fed Smith.

Federal Agencies use Peer Panels to resolve workplace disputes

I was reading a back issue of the “Federal Times” recently, and it contained a story about peer review as an up and coming way for agencies to resolve workplace disputes. Peer review is decribed by proponents as an efficient, fast way to resolve workplace conflicts. In addition, according to preliminary research, peer reviewRead… Read more »

New Position as ADR Program Manager

I just accepted the position of ADR Program Manager for the Seattle Federal Executive Board. The Department of Labor has authorized for me to spend 80% of my time as ADR Program Manage. I will work with requesting agencies, matching their needs with a cadre of 75 mediators, facilitators and organizational development experts. I willRead… Read more »