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ParticipateDB: Now Under Creative Commons License

ParticipateDB ( is a collaborative catalogue for online participation tools and one of the world’s most comprehensive resources of its kind. We finally got around to putting it under a Creative Commons license. Read yesterday’s announcement here: Creative Commons If you know of any tools, projects or resources that are missing, please let usRead… Read more »

Public Participation: Four Common Misconceptions

This is an abbreviated version of an article on the Intellitics blog. Read the full post here: Public Participation: Four Common Misconceptions Based on my observations listening to the discussions around Open Government, the following four aspects of the term public participation tend to get easily and commonly confused: 1) Public participation applies strictly toRead… Read more »

First look at Seattle City Council budget consultation

Seattle City Council last week launched a budget consultation for their 2011-2012 budget. I did a quick analysis of their IdeaScale site following this checklist: Is it clear who is the convener? Does it say what the site is about? Does the site educate participants about the issue at hand? Is the promise to theRead… Read more »

The Ethics of Public Participation

This post was originally published on the Intellitics blog on Thursday, August 5, 2010: The Ethics of Public Participation. Subscribe to our blog via RSS or follow us on Twitter. It seems the topic of ethics and integrity in public participation is coming up more often these days (see my comments here, here). Just forRead… Read more »