Back to School with Graduate School USA: Sharpening Your Tools

The Back to School with Graduate School USA series is supported by the Graduate School USA.

Ah. It’s back to school season. School kids are buying new backpacks and binders while college students are doing the annual run to IKEA to fix up their dorms.

So where does that leave you? Ever thought of going back to school or getting some additional training? Not sure if you have the time?

Graduate School USA is an active learning community that has been educating for nine decades. Its range of programs and services includes continuing education, academic programs, career development and certificate programs–all designed to serve the needs of organizations and individuals in both government and the private sector. The School annually serves 200,000 participants in nearly 1,000 courses, including 300 evening and weekend courses.

Over the next few weeks we will be filling you in on all of the exciting courses Graduate School USA has to offer government employees on nights and weekends. Some are fun and education (languages to bird watching) and some are serious (project management). Be sure to check back and stay in-the-loop!

To kick-us off, let’s talk about sharpening your tools.

Ever had a task to perform or an area of your job that you felt like with a bit more training you could rock? Want a new position or promotion that requires a few skills that you just haven’t cracked yet? Maybe you are thinking about going into a new field and want a taste of what is involved.

Graduate School USA offers classes and programs in a broad range of curricula including areas like governmental financial management and auditing, human capital management and acquisition. Courses that span to a broader base like economics, leadership and management and software training are also taught.

Graduate School USA can give you the tools you need in the following areas:

-Business & Management

-Human Resources

-Communication, Editing, & Writing

-Paralegal Studies

-Political, Environmental, and Social Sciences

-Information Technology

-Math and Statistics

Wouldn’t it be great to instantly make yourself more competitive and a better employee?

Graduate School USA offers great evening & weekend classes starting September 19th. Find the full listing of courses offered at Graduate School USA and check out the catalogue for course descriptions and certification information.

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