Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement for Federal Government

It’s always been true that public sector agencies need to engage with citizens and stakeholders to achieve mission goals. But never has that fact been truer than in today’s digital information economy. Maintaining a constant presence in people’s lives is simultaneously much easier through new digital communication channels, and more difficult because the digital landscape is changing so rapidly.

Citizens have become accustomed to engaging with private sector companies through digital channels, and now expect the same experience in other aspects of their lives. Forward-thinking organizations are using a robust online presence, with blogs, social media, and email, to increase the public perception that they are the go-to source for information.

The die is cast; there really isn’t any other option out there than to take your agency digital.

Consider the following statistics from a study performed by the customer experience analytics company ForSee:

  • A highly satisfied citizen is 92 percent more likely to use a federal government website as a primary source of information.
  • These individuals are also 96 percent more likely to recommend the website to others.


  • Visitors who are satisfied with a government website rate their trust in the agency 60 percent higher than those who are not satisfied.
  • Satisfied citizens are 49 percent more likely to give feedback.

Clearly, the stakes are high. But how do you know which digital strategy is most effective? Under which circumstances is one digital channel more effective than others?

To assist government agencies get the most out of their citizen engagement strategies, GovDelivery will host a free webinar on Wednesday, July 30th at 1:00 PM ET, titled, “Best Practices in Stakeholder Engagement for Federal Government.” Based on its experience working with over 1,000 public sector clients, the GovDelivery team will share proven best practices and case studies to help federal government communicators improve the way they engage with citizens and stakeholders to achieve agency goals.

The webinar will give you:

  • Actionable communication strategies and tactics for connecting with more people, getting them to take online or offline actions, and measuring and tracking communication efforts
  • Real world case studies describing the way federal agencies – such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Small Business Administration – are improving citizen engagement (and driving mission success as a result).
  • Proven best practices from across government, including tactics to diversify your digital communication channels, promoting your digital presence, and aligning communications with audience needs.

The beauty of many of these techniques is that, once you’ve figured out the correct strategy for your agency and citizens, execution is much more straightforward than you might imagine. The first step is learning the best way to move forward.

Register today to reserve your free spot.

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