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Fostering Citizen Engagement Through Text Messaging Campaigns

As we move further into the 21st century, mobile engagement has been particularly effective, but with so many channels available, agencies have struggled to develop best practices and standard processes. One tool that is proving popular, however, is text messaging campaigns that reach a broader audience.

How To Integrate Citizen-Focused Strategies at Your Agency

The government has some amazing programs. From health care to veterans’ programs to education and more, these programs can change people’s lives for the better. However, their success relies on people being able to understand how to access and take advantage of them. This is why digital communications and citizen engagement is so important.

Turning Mobile Phones Into Citizen Engagement Portals

This blog post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, Understanding State and Local Government. Download the full guide here.  Teens and young adults are often accused of being addicted to their phones, but they are not alone: 90 percent of Americans own a mobile device with text messaging capabilities. And more than 60 percent own aRead… Read more »

Elevating the Citizen Experience with Digital Government

Amidst the enticing aroma of bagels, government and industry employees gathered at GovDelivery on Tuesday morning for a panel on elevating the citizen experience in digital government. The foundation of the panel was a report that GovDelivery published recently on trends in digital government engagement. The panel consisted of three current and former government employeesRead… Read more »

Transforming the Citizen Experience

Do you know the role of digital engagement in improving citizen experience? It’s more critical than ever. Citizen experience is a challenge all government agencies face. People expect the government to operate like the private sector and the government needs to make that possible. Being clear, relevant and engaging are key factors to having successfulRead… Read more »

Transforming the Federal Citizen Experience

How do we reach more citizens and get them to truly engage with our services? That’s the question on nearly every government leader’s mind as they confront a changing technology landscape and new customer demands. At this morning’s Digital Engagement Breakfast, Natalie Fedie, VP of Client Success and Professional Services at GovDelivery, offered a few answers for how agenciesRead… Read more »

Technical Deep Dive: What it’s like to build at #100MillionCitizens Scale

Originally posted by Torleiv Flatebo, Director of Platform Engineering and Site Reliability on the GovDelivery Blog While GovDelivery is now over 15 years old, we have always been a Software-as-a-Service company priding ourselves in pushing the envelope in terms of cutting edge government software. That said, over the course of the last decade, technology has changedRead… Read more »

What Happens When #100MillionCitizens Sign Up for Digital Government

Originally posted on the GovDelivery Blog by Scott Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of GovDelivery Technology and connectivity hold great promise for improving how government serves the public. Yet, we know that to date, governments have struggled to realize the full potential of that promise. What’s holding back the public sector? One age old problem still hauntsRead… Read more »