Calling All Writers: Be a GovLoop Featured Blogger!

The applications are now closed – thanks for you interest! If you want to apply later on, we’ll be doing another featured blogger round at the end of March 2015.

At GovLoop, we pride ourselves on our community. There are over 150,000 of you — government employees, industry partners, and knowledge experts — who are extremely engaged. You comment on nearly a thousand posts and discussions each month. You talk to each other in the comments about your experiences, dreams and tips. You share your ideas, and inspire one another to be better and do more in the public sector.

Many of you are also prolific GovLoop bloggers. You write about everything from open source in your agency, to best leadership practices, to innovation in government. We here at GovLoop love your blog posts (we’re sort of obsessed with them, actually), and look forward to the new, great contributions we know we’ll be seeing every day.

And it’s exactly because your contributions to GovLoop are so terrific, and so valuable, that we’re looking to expand on them. Today, we’re announcing the third round of the GovLoop Featured Blogger Challenge.

We’ve already had a very successful two runs of this program with over thirty amazing GovLoop Featured Bloggers (whose posts from this spring, summer and fall you can read here) and we’re looking to keep the momentum going with a bunch of fresh, fascinating new voices who can write about everything from the best way to hold a meeting in the government to how to create the most effective individual development plan.

The details: We’re looking for 10 (or more!) great GovLoop voices to blog once a week for the GovLoop community throughout January, February and March. We want you to write about subjects you think are important — from experiences at your agency, to the way big data is impacting your job, to tips on how to increase fed engagement — really, anything that strikes your fancy. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us, and we want it on GovLoop.

What’s in it for you? A lot (we think — but we’re biased!). In addition to having your writing read by our community of 150,000, you’ll get:

  • A featured homepage slot on GovLoop every time you post
  • Promotion of your posts to our social network communities of over 35,000 (and we’ll promote your handles, too)
  • Recognition of your efforts and status via a special GovLoop Featured Blogger banner
  • A package of free GovLoop swag (t-shirts, stickers, and more)
  • Great published clips, and a great line on your resume
  • A free, one-hour career counseling and resume review session with GovLoop founder Steve Ressler
  • Feedback, writing tips and blog guidance from our Director of Content

If you’re interested in entering, it’s easy. All you have to do is email [email protected] with three blog post ideas, a writing sample, and your background. Please use the subject line “GovLoop Featured Blogger.”

Any questions? Leave a comment on this post, or tweet @GovLoop. We look forward to your ideas, thoughts, and content, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

We’ll be accepting applications until December 18th. Those chosen as featured bloggers will be notified December 19th. Featured bloggers will need to start writing once a week starting the week of January 5th, and will finish their stint the week of March 23.

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Catherine Andrews

Hi Pam, we do prefer government voices but it’s not 100% necessary. We also encourage public sector or nonprofit folks to apply. We’ll look at government industry folks, but if we accept them into the program, they cannot talk about their job or their products. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any further questions.

martha malik

Who is my audience? How often is writing submitted? And, what is the intention of my writing? Would there be a cause and effect to my writing? Please respond. Thanks.

Catherine Andrews

Hi Martha – your audience is the GovLoop audience of over 150,000 public sector leaders who want to be better at their jobs. Writing is submitted once a week for 3 months (so, 12 blog posts). The intention is to share stories about things you’re working on at your agency, or lessons learned, or ways to have a more productive and useful career. You can browse previous featured blogger posts here if you’re interested. Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m happy to answer them!

Kathleen Smith

I would like to come back to the GovLoop family. A wide variety of workforce and career search topics I am happy to write about. Let me know, thanks, Kathleen


Two questions. First, what type of writing format are you interested in receiving with application? Second, if you have never blogged before, is this a type of opportunity one should consider? In other words, what level expertise is Govloop looking for with regards to blogging?
Thanks -Angela

Catherine Andrews

Hi Angela! Any format is fine, word, PDF, or body of the email – whatever you like! And if you like to write, it’s fine if you’ve never blogged before – we’re just looking for clear writers who have interesting stories to share!

Russell Irving

Catherine, Steve, and rest of the GovLoop crew, I am thrilled to have been chosen as one of your guest bloggers! Especially knowing that there were undoubtedly many talented writers vying forf a spot.